OMP HTE ART Seats Have Just Arrived!

OMP HTE ART Seat Has Just Arrived!

The amazing looking OMP HTE ART fibreglass FIA motorsport bucket seat has just arrived in store and available for immediate dispatch. This seat brings stunning artistic design with great qualities of a high quality racing seat. This seat isn’t just for show, it has large head, shoulder and leg supports from its deep bucketed sides and wrap around head protection structures at the head rest. This offers the best protection and support during motorsport events, minimising any unwanted movement that the driver may feel during even the harshest driving situations. 

The OMP HTE ART competition seat has a fibreglass shell with built-in padded head restraint for maximum protection and high profile side bolsters for lateral support. Fully upholstered in the OMP ‘AIRTEX’ material for improved breathability and padded with high-density materials with grip-enhancing dotted fabric on the seat cushion and shoulders. Features 5 harness slots, removable split leg cushions and an adjustable lumbar cushion for added comfort. This seat is also Side-mounted and HANS compatible, perfect for motorsport events. 

We’re extremely impressed with the look that you get with this design.
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  • Finance available

    OMP HTE ART Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    From £606.32

This seat can be fully customised with added colours, graphic and logos of your choice. Contact our sales staff to see whats possible and the forms to fully customise your seat. 

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  • Finance available

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Each OMP seat is made with the help of automatic systems for upholstery cutting. Based on the needs and possible customization, the bodies are padded with foam materials of different densities to optimize the comfort, completing the upholstering with the outer coating. The shell of the seat is subjected to stringent laboratory tests to verify compliance with the design parameters. This system is used both during design time and post-production control.
  • Finance available

    OMP HTE Fibreglass FIA Motorsport Seat

    From £473.87
  • Finance available

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  • Finance available

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  • Finance available

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  • Finance available

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  • Finance available

    OMP HRC One FIA Motorsport Seat

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