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OMP Brand Guide

OMP Racing are a motorsport equipment manufacturer based in Italy. 
Throughout the range you will find different models to suit a wide range of needs for your vehicle.

Top 2 FIA Bucket Seats

OMP offer a complete line of seats engineered to the meet the FIA regulations making these seats suitable for all types of competitions, from rally, track days and FIA homologated events. Top of the OMP range is the ultra-light shells made of pre-preg carbon fibre for maximum stiffness and weight reduction, perfect for performance. 

Out of our OMP range we highly recommend the OMP Champ bucket seat for its clever design and light weight material, excellent for improving lap times. Its design is compact allowing it to fit in a wide range of vehicles which is one of the reasons why this seat is one of the most popular OMP seats we offer. High quality fabric material and cushions provide great comfort for the drivers legs and body as well as having deep bucketed sides that will hold you in place with no worries about feeling any unwanted movement while pushing your car to the limit.   

A seat we recommend for drivers that take racing more seriously is the OMP HTE 400 bucket seat. This bucket seat has added head support and deeper sides for extra hold on the driver in place during high forces during motorsport racing or fast road use. This seat is great value for a seat that offers so much support and comfort for the driver. 

  • OMP FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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  • OMP FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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Top 2 Reclining Seats

All OMP recliners have an in built tilting mechanism which allows easy access to rear seats. These seats are not FIA approved and are not suitable for long racing events.

We recommend the OMP style reclining sport seat for drivers looking for comfort as well as enough support to be able to do little amount of fast road use. The large side walls of the seat will hold you in place to minimise unwanted movement as well as providing amazing comfort from its abrasion resistant textured fabric. This seat is also suitable for long journeys from its long lasting fabric.    

The OMP Strada designed to provide maximum comfort, style and support while retaining an in-built tilting function and mechanism. This sport seat is one of the latest designs from OMP Racing and it shows their experiences and Italian styling fantastically. WE recommend this seat for drivers looking for the best comfort, and from its large cushions located at the legs and sides, this seat definitely provides all the comfort you need. 

  • OMP Reclining Sport Seats

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Top 2 Racing Office Chairs

These take the OMP base mounted reclining sport seats and base mounted bucket seats and convert them into stylish office chairs perfect for any home, gaming or work environment.

The OMP Lamborghini office chair is inspired by the shape of racing car seats. This amazing styling will give a sporty look for your work space or gaming set up. This chair is fully adjustable with tilting and Hight adjusting  mechanisms. This office chair is high quality which is shown by its vinyl material. 

With a great value, this OMP racing office chair is packed with features and a must have office accessory for any petrol head. This chair offers height and reclining adjustment as well as a full 360 degree swivel. Based on a steel frame, this chair is very stong and long lasting with a synthetic (faux) leather cover and stylish black and yellow trim and stitching. This office chair is so good we use it ourselves at our showroom office space. 

  • OMP Racing Office Chairs

    From £210.00 Excl. VAT Select options

OMP Roll Cages

We know OMP for their high tech manufactured roll cages that are easy to fit into your car as OMP make car specific direct fit roll cages. With over thirty years of cage experience we know OMP make high quality roll cages with the best materials that suit all requirements and budgets.


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