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Momo Brand Guide

Momo all began with a passion for motor racing and made a revolutionary unique steering wheel for better handling performance for the driver which soon after every driver wanted and the Momo brand was born.  

Top 2 FIA bucket Seats

These FIA Bucket seats are deigned for maximum strength and stiffness meaning they don’t have any tilting and reclining functions which helps reduce any week areas in the structure and frame of the seat. They are made to be fixed in place using side mounts and this is required for most forms of motorsport. 

The Momo Daytona Evo FIA bucket seat has an amazing design that features extreme support features like large head and shoulder supports as well as deep bucketed leg supports. These features all work together to minimise side to side movement of the driver which allows you to concentrate more on the road. This will help improve lap times and therefore this seat is perfect for track days and FIA homologated events. All this support doesn’t sacrifice the comfort as this seat has cushions tactically placed in the most needed areas such as along the sides of the driver and down the middle of the back. 

We recommend the Momo Start FIA bucket seat for its perfect balance between excellent protection and comfort whilst maintaining FIA standards. This seat is made out of high quality Fibreglass material to achieve maximum lightness, good for drivers looking to shed time of their laps.

  • Momo FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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  • Momo FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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