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Luke Harnesses Brand Guide

Luke Harnesses have a wide range of belts from FIA to road harnesses and added accessories like harness pads and tow straps which can all be found on our website. 

We recommend Luke harness belts due to their wide use in the motorsport world providing their experience, knowledge and quality over the decades.

Top FIA Harnesses

The 2004 FIA 4 Point Saloon harness is our main recommendation from the Luke range. This belt is high quality, well designed and built to last. This harness is suitable for drivers who want to participate in FIA homologated events as this harness is FIA approved. We still recommend this belt to drivers who use there car for fast road and none FIA homologated track days because this belt will keep you very safe from its FIA regulated materials that are extremely strong and 75mm wide with 4 reliable bolt fittings that will handle high stress for long periods of time. For drivers who get in and out of their cars frequently, this belt comes with an FIA style aircraft buckle that allows for quick release, making it faster and easier to get in and out of the harnesses. To add a personal touch to your interior this harness has four colour options that include red, blue, black and silver. 

Our Road Legal harness recommendation is the GMax 4 point saloon from our Luke Harness range. This harness can’t be used in FIA racing events however this belt is perfect for drivers who are looking for a great factory seat belt replacement that provides support and safety. This is a great addition to your seats and will keep you safe during non FIA homologated track days and other fast road use. 

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