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LTEC Race & rally Brand Guide

Throughout the range you will find different models to suit a wide range of needs for your vehicle.

LTEC is a Dutch based source of safety equipment for rally and race teams. All products are stylish, high quality and safe that are manufactured in Europe. 

Top 2 FIA bucket Seats

Out of the LTEC bucket seat range, we recommend the Ear FIA motorsport bucket seat as it provides a lot of protection as well as maintaining good comfort, great for being in the seat for long periods of time. The design consists of large head supports and deep bucketed sides for added leg support which secures the driver in place and stops any unwanted movement when going round corners at high speeds. This helps concentration and will then improve your performance and lap times. These designs are for drivers who take motorsport seriously.  

We highly recommend the LTEC Pro FIA bucketed seat for drivers who are looking for great value for money whilst maximising safety and driver protection. This is an excellent entry level competition seat that features tubular steel frame construction for added strength and stability which makes it very safe for motorsport events and fast road use. Its deep sided shape is designed for maximum lateral support. 

  • LTEC Race & Rally

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Top FIA Harnesses

Our top pick for LTEC harnesses is the Magnum 6 point FIA HANS harness. This is because of its excellent quality and great features that include head and neck safety device capability. It has an aircraft buckle and clip in ends which can be removed to be wraped around a harness bar which makes this harness very easy and helpful to use. These features make this harness FIA approved which allows drivers to use this harness in FIA homologated events, perfect for drivers who are serious about Motorsport racing.   

  • LTEC Race & Rally

    From £225.00 Excl. VAT Select options

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