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Kirkey Seats

We have recommended our top two seats out of our Kirkey racing seat range. These seats are extremely unique and focused on performance for your vehicle with extreme measures to reduce weight making them one of the lightest seats in the market, perfect if you are looking to minimise the weight in your car to improve performance. The two seats we recommend come in different sizes from 12inch to 18inches.

Top 2 Bucket Seats

We recommend the Layback Containment Kirkey seat as it provides great comfort as well as a weight saving design that will maximise the performance out of your car. We suggest using this seat for short track racing as its ability to accommodate all head and neck restraint systems and designed for easy entry and exit from the car makes it a perfect seat for the track. 

The Sprint Deluxe is designed for drivers who want to save weight without compromising safety and comfort.  The design includes rib supports and multi-position lap belt openings allowing easy fitment for belts up to a 6 point harness. A unique feature is that this seat has inner thigh supports which gives your hips and thighs extra support and reduces moment under lateral forces. 

  • Kirkey Head Restraint Seats

    From £626.75 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Kirkey Head Restraint Seats

    From £1,686.01 Excl. VAT Select options

Top 2 Classic Styled Bucket Seats

The Kirkey 38 Series Aluminium Standard 10 Degree to 20 Degree Layback is designed for street stocks, IMCA Modifieds, limited late models, mini Modifieds, dwarf cars, legends or any entry-level division. We recommend this seat for its great value for the amateur racer who demands the best in safety and comfort at this level. The front of the seat is raised for leg and thigh support. Comes with standard lap belt openings, double shoulder openings and sub belt opening to accommodate all belt systems.

The Kirkey 56LW Series seat is lightweight double rib support, 10-degree layback seat designed for the racer who wants to save weight but demands the ultimate in comfort. This seat is very rigid and the way its constructed gives it added strength. An appealing feature is that it has a multi-position lap belt openings for easy mounting.

  • Kirkey Bucket Seats

    From £282.40 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Kirkey Bucket Seats

    From £339.92 Excl. VAT Select options

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