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GP Race Seats

The 2001 World Rally car champion, Gabriel Pozo, used his experience to developed a bucket seat that achieved the highest marks in the FIA test. From its success this brand has grown and is now offering 5 different models of sports seats all FIA approved. 

Top 2 FIA bucket Seats

For these seats to be FIA approved they have been constructed to the highest standards to pass all the FIA standards which is one feature why we recommend the Pro Rally bucket seat. As well as being strong and sturdy enough to be FIA approved it is also extremely comfortable with its interior Styrofoam cushions offering top comfort. This seat has high level shoulder and thigh supports, perfect for track use and harness slots suitable for all racing styles which makes it perfect for drivers who take racing seriously. 

We recommend the Pro Circuit LX series bucket seat for its great value for a seat with fantastic head and body protection making it a great contender for the full head support seat market. This added support will minimise the movement on the driver coursed by G-forces in racing. This will make racing or fast road use become more enjoyable and less of a workout.  

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