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Ford Escort MK2 with Mirco seats!

We supplied our customer with a set of Mirco RS2 Limited Edition FIA bucket seats, which have been extremely popular since we introduced this into our in-store display and strongly recommend giving this seat a go as you will be amazed at the levels of comfort and support.

 Our customer’s MK2 Ford Escort looks amazing with its rally spec modifications and is now ready to hit the track. The additional support provided by the head support and high side supports from the Mirco RS2’s when linked with the right set of 3 inch Motorsport harnesses is key. 

The added head support was necessary for this customer as rallying involves more intensive driving on rough ground making a lot more movement in the drivers seat. The extra support from the Mirco seats will stop the drivers head from moving around, making the whole experience more comfortable and safe for the driver. 

These two pieces of equipment secure the driver in place making it more comfortable and safe while pushing the car to its limit. Going round corners at high speeds will become an ease, as you wont need to tense up to keep yourself in your seat.   

Customers fitting equipment used in the Ford escort MK2

  • Endurance Motorsport Fitting Equipment

    £29.50 Excl. VAT Add to basket

Looking for a set of Mirco seats for your car? We have suggested our top Mirco seats and many more can be found on our website.

Simply pick which Mirco seat is right for you from the Mirco RS2 through to the Mirco RS7. Add Sparco or Endurance Motorsport side mounts for side mountable bucket seats, these side mounts will go with Sparco, OMP and Planted technology frames.   

Picking the right seat for your body shape and frames that match your car is as easy as 1-2-3.

Our Top Mirco Bucket seat recommendations...

  • Mirco FIA Seats

    From £308.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Mirco FIA Seats

    From £302.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • , , , , ,

    From £316.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • , , , , ,

    From £296.10 Excl. VAT Select options
  • , , , , ,

    From £360.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Our Top Schroth harnesses...

  • Schroth FIA HANS Racing Harnesses

    £286.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Schroth FIA Saloon Harnesses

    From £345.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Schroth FIA Saloon Harnesses

    £325.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Schroth FIA HANS Racing Harnesses

    From £475.00 Excl. VAT Select options
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