Fitting Recaro Sporster CS seats into your Audi TT

Fitting Recaro Sportster CS seats into your Audi TT

The question we have received a lot at GSM Performance is, which parts do I need to fit these seats to my Audi TT? We’ve been fitting seats to Audi TT’s for many years. This includes the Mk1 and Mk2. We know these cars well.

If you chose to stay with your standard seat belts with your new Sportster CS seats, this is perfectly fine as these seats can easily be used with standard seat belts. This can allow you to get that factory-fitted look with stunning seats if that is your desire.

We have the Recaro Sportster CS and the Cross Sportster CS available (The Cross Sportster has a flatter base profile for larger drivers). 

  • Recaro Cross Sportster CS Carbon with Heating Reclining Sport Seat

    From £1,894.98
  • Recaro Sportster CS Performance Edition Reclining Sport Seat

    From £1,425.00
  • Recaro Sportster CS Reclining Sport Seat with Side Airbag

    From £1,440.00
  • Recaro Cross Sportster CS Reclining Sport Seat with Side Airbag.

    From £1,440.00

 To go with these seats you will have to get the vehicle-specific bracket from Recaro. We have two brackets available.

The Audi TT (pre 06) and the Audi TT (Post 06). basically the Mk1 and Mk2 brackets. 

  • Recaro Seats – Audi TT (Pre ’06) Direct Fit Sub-frames

    From £195.00
  • Recaro Seats – Audi TT (’06 Onwards) Direct Fit Sub-frames

    From £210.00

It’s as simple as that. Recaro is world leaders in seat designs and installation brackets. This means that their products line up perfectly with each other and allow for simple installation. 

This is everything you need to know and do to successfully and directly install your seats into your vehicle. 

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