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Driftworks Seats

 Designed and produced by Cobra seats, Driftworks have a range of FIA Motorsport seats available. Driftworks have used Cobra’s incredible quality seats and then integrated their own style onto the seats which creates an amazing outcome.  Being designed by Cobra ensures the highest levels of quality that comes along with the fantastic Driftworks brnad name. We proudly present the best bucket seats from Driftworks range that have eye catching orange stitching and the orange Driftworks brand logo.  

Top 2 bucket Seats

We highly recommend the Driftworks Evo bucket seat to drivers who take racing more seriously and are looking for top performing seats. The Evo FIA bucket seat comes with added head support meaning your head and helmet will be more secure and held in place, minimising side to side movement of the head that you may experience in other bucket seats that don’t offer the added protection. This seat comes with FIA approval and much higher leg supports compared to the other seats in the Driftworks range, this allows the seat to keep you securely in place during stronger forces being applied to the driver making it a perfect choice for a track car. 

The already popular Suzuka FIA bucket seat can be bought with Driftworks stylish details that finishes off the look of this great seat. We recommend this seat for its great features like suede technology grip system on cushions and wear patches that will help keep you in place in the seat, lightweight shell for maximum performance and FIA approval. These features make this seat suitable for drivers who want to take their cars on the track, in fact this seat is suitable for all competition use. The Driftworks, Suzuka edition has great quality and good value for its price range.  

  • Driftworks FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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  • Driftworks FIA Racing Bucket Seats

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