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Honda Integra Type R DC5 Recaro Seat Fitment

The Honda Integra Type R DC5 has factory-fitted Recaro reclining racing seats that look stunning. These seats have an aftermarket standard Recaro bolt pattern, this allows them to be installed to other cars and has become a popular trend. This is why we have made this guide about fitting the Recaro DC5 seats. 

Recommended Fitting equipment...

The Recaro DC5 seats have a 405mm wide aftermarket bolt pattern which is the same as the Recaro Sportster CS reclining seats which we are familiar with and tested in-store. Therefore the Recaro DC5 seats will fit any Recaro fitting kit. On our online store, we have many Recaro fitting kits that are made specifically for a vast amount of vehicles. 

Another option would be Planted technology frames along with Recaro double locking sliding runners to install the seats into another car. Because they have so many bolting points on the frame, it makes it compatible with most base-mounted seats, and the 405mm pattern at the base of the DC5 works just fine. Planted Technology frames are car-specific frames, and we have hundreds of frames for a wide range of cars available on our website, its as simple as finding your correct car and model. 

The Honda Integra Type R DC5 factory Recaro seats are unique with aftermarket bolting points that allow them to be installed in other cars. This is why this doesn’t apply to all Recaro seats that come factory fitted in different vehicles. An example of this is the Recaro seats out of a Ford Focus RS, as they will not fit other vehicles in this way.

Alternative Seat Recommendations...

If you like the design of the Honda DC5 Recaro seats, but can not find any second hand, the Corbeau Sportline Rs2 and the Cobra Daytona reclining sport seats are similar in style. 

  • Cobra Reclining Sport Seats

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