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Custom Cages

Custom Cages design and manufacture the UK’s best motor sport roll cages.

If you are looking to fit in a roll cage or roll bars into your vehicle we highly recommend you use Custom Cages as there products are very high quality and have mastered the roll cage to perfection over the many years of experience. Over the last 26 years Custom Cages has manufactured thousands of roll cages for every type of motor sport, from club racing saloons to World Rally Championship rally cars to historic Ferraris; exporting to 50 countries.

Custom Cages have a large range roll cages to fit specific car chassis’s. This allows you to find a roll cage that will directly fit your car making finding the perfect roll cage simple and easy.

These roll cages are designed entirely to provide you with a safer, stronger and more rigid vehicle giving you more performance. So whether you use it on road, track or for full Motorsport use we know this roll cage will give you the security and safety you demand. 

Custom Cages make roll cages to directly fit into a wide range of car models including top car brands as shown below in a few examples. Many more can be found on our website, go find your roll cage now!

Featured roll cages...

  • Toyota Supra Roll Cages

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  • Custom Cages

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  • Custom Cages

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  • Custom Cages

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  • Custom Cages

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