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Check Out Our Sparco 2022 Harness Collection

We have recently updated our entire Sparco harness collection. This new 2022 update involved existing Sparco harnesses that now have up to date information, prices and images. We also have brand new Sparco harnesses now available on our online store. Our Sparco harness range includes 3,4 and 6 point harnesses for drivers who take motorsport more seriously.

All these products have been updated with new suitable bundle items at the checkout that have been selected for specific harnesses that we know work well with that individual model. Variations like different strap width and homologation will determine what bundle items are attached at the checkout as we have accessories that work for these specific features. 

Whats New At GSM For 2022?..

These are our new Sparco belts now available on our online store for the first time. These harnesses look amazing especially the Martini Design on the Sparco 3 point belt. 

The Sparco 3 point double release Martini Racing harness is an ideal upgrade from a standard seat belt and provides a much safer restraint making it a popular choice for track days or performance road cars. The double release design allows for easy access to the rear seats. perfect for road cars which are occasionally used on the track.

The H-9 Evo Ultralight harness features 2″ wide straps all around for a more positive location onto an FHR / HANS device. Ultra-lightweight steel adjusters not only reduce weight but also provide fast adjustments. To help reduce weight further the lap straps feature a lightweight carabiner-style attachment, whilst the shoulder straps are designed to wrap around the roll cage/harness bar.

This professional 6 point race/rally harness is fitted with steel adjusters on both the 3” shoulder and 3” lap belts, whilst 2” straps secure the two lower points via the T-bar crutch strap. A new ultralight high load buckle secures all straps, whilst snap hook fixings mount the lap and shoulder straps. The harness also offers rear roll cage loop mounting if required.


  • Sparco FIA Racing Harnesses

    From £190.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sparco FIA Racing Harnesses

    £255.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Sparco FIA Racing Harnesses

    From £248.99 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sparco Road & Race harnesses

    From £95.00 Excl. VAT Select options

Our Top FIA Sparco Harnesses...

Sparco Motorsport harnesses include the 4 point Club Racer, 6 point Racer, and 8 point HANS Pro Racer. We provide the full range of Sparco FIA racing motorsport harnesses. Sparco harness belts are also available in black, blue-red, or silver (colours may vary on models) and come supplied with a number of fixings and brackets to ensure they are available for any application required.

  • Sparco FIA Racing Harnesses

    £255.00 Excl. VAT Add to basket
  • Sparco FIA Racing Harnesses

    From £172.00 Excl. VAT Select options
  • Sparco FIA Racing Harnesses

    From £275.95 Excl. VAT Select options

Our Sparco Harness Range...

Sparco safety harnesses are well known throughout the world due to their huge brand name and quality products. These harnesses reinforce that image and show just exactly what Sparco does best.

These harness belts are made to the highest quality and from the best webbing available. Sparco harnesses come available with a wide range of options depending on the application you require them for including 2″ and 3″ webbing, HANS compatibility and roll cage fixings.

Our Sparco FIA Seat Collection

We recommend that Sparco harnesses should be combined with the Sparco FIA Motorsport bucket seats to complete your set-up. So check out the full range of Sparco FIA seats which range from the Sparco Evo to the Sparco Pro-ADV and see which seats will work best for you. With a winning lightweight sports seat and a matching harness belt you are in safe hands.

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