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Safety Devices Volkswagen Cages Updated For 2024

Safety Devices Volkswagen Roll Cages Updated For 2024 Our entire range of Safety Devices Volkswagen roll cages has now been updated with 2024 specifications, colour options, roll cage design, and more. Bolt-in and weld-in cages are available in our Safety Devices Volkswagen roll cage collection. These roll cages have the option to add door bars […]

Sparco Track Day Bucket Seats Arrive In-Store

Sparco Track Day Bucket Seats Arrive In-Store We now have a non-FIA version of three popular Sparco racing seats, the Grid-Q, Pro ADV, and the Sparco Rev bucket seat. These seats share the same dimensions and design as the FIA-approved counterparts, however, they don’t have the approval, making it a perfect choice for road/ track […]

JP Toyota Roll Cages Updated For 2024

JP Toyota Roll Cages Updated For 2024 Get your Renault race-ready for 2024. Our range of Toyota JP roll cages has been updated, every cage now has up-to-date information about approvals, roll cage specifications, and compatible vehicle models. This update has brought more colour, material, and cage configuration options, allowing you to get the perfect […]

Customer Query: What Seats Are Suitable for My Marlin Cabrio?

Customer Query: What Seats Are Suitable for My Marlin Cabrio? A customer recently asked about finding suitable seats for their Marlin Cabrio. They had attempted to fit Mazda MX-5 seats but found them too large for the compact cabin, with the lower base and back recline handle catching on the cabin sides. The customer needed […]

Choosing Aftermarket Sport Seats For Your BMW M140

Upgrade Your BMW M140i: The Ultimate Guide to Performance Seats and Fitting Solutions We recently received a Facebook message from a customer asking about upgrading the seats in his BMW M140i. To provide a comprehensive answer, we’ve put together this blog post detailing the benefits of upgrading the seats, the specific subframes available, and the […]

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