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Stand 21 HANS Devices

Stand 21 HANS Devices

Stand 21 are a world leader in made-to-measure equipment and HANS devices for the racing driver, with the ability to equip from head to toe to an extremely high standard. For over 40 years, Stand 21 products have combined high levels of safety with unmatched comfort, allowing its customers to focus exclusively on their racing performance.
Many years of research, development, studies, meeting and consulting with medical authorities and motorsport sanctioning bodies have produced very high technology and innovation.
Stand 21’s brand name symbolizes its choice of exclusive materials, manufacturing engineering and product-control management to provide customers with personalized high-performance HANS devices and other safety products, all handcrafted in Stand 21’s own facilities. 
We stock the full range of Stand 21 HANS devices, including the Ultimate Series, the Hi-Tec Series, the Racing Series and the Clubman Series. The Ultimate Series HANS devices provide exceptional ergonomics and are a lighter weight, allowing their thickness to be greatly reduced. The Hi-Tec series is Stand 21’s flagship professional model whereas the Racing Series is manufactured from full carbon fibre, making it exceptional value for money. The Clubman HANS devices are an entry level solution for racers on a budget who are still looking for uncompromising safety.
Using its unmatched racing service, scheduled year-round on racing tracks all over the world, Stand 21 has for several years fitted the appropriate HANS device model to numerous racers. Unquestionably Stand 21 has been and remains today a major contributor to the popularization of the HANS® device product. This is why Stand 21 can now offer to racing car drivers an exclusive and unique HANS® device model line worldwide!
If you have any questions about our range of Stand 21 HANS devices or need any further information at all please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0115 9893488 or via the contact form.
Stand21 Hans Devices