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Car Seats

Car Seats

Our car seats vehicle selector quickly shows you which sport seats we recommend for each sports car, kit car and hot hatch we have experience with. We know that a sports car owner is one of the most passionate drivers on the road today and take pride in their vehicle always looking fresh new products and the seats we have listed here are the perfect upgrade for your pride and joy. 

Over the years there have been a growing number of enquiries into replacement seats for these cars to increase support and even comfort levels. Our leading manufacturers like Corbeau and Cobra seats were quick to pick up on this and realized that they could cater for the market with some seats which fit very well within the limited sized cockpit. 

In most cases its so easy to fit new seats into your car, simply follow our 3 step process outlined below. Some cars don't even needs frames!

  1. Pick the correct make and model from the options on the right. 
  2. Select the seats you want and add them to your basket
  3. Select the seat fitting frames also listed in your category and your good to go

Its that easy to pick the right options and seats for your pride and joy.

Audi A3 seats: Treat your self to some upgraded luxury with a great sport seat like the Cobra Misano

Audi R8 seats: Cobra developed specialist frames to allow their beautiful Misano Anniversary to fit perfectly. 

Audi TT seats: As a fantastic track weapon its only suitable we provide some seats that provide more support 

Austin Healey seats: Personally tested here we recommend these smaller classics as fantastic upgrades for your car

BMW E21 Seats: The classic sports saloon from BMW looks even better sporting some great Corbeau sports recliners

BMW E30 Seats: The timeless classic saloon from BMW demands high quality sport seats like the Sparco R505 Torino

BMW E36 Seats: The huge success of the E36 makes this a great car to modify. We recommend the Cobra Misano Lux

BMW E46 Seats: The most heavily sold BMW in the UK during its time. Treat it to some Recaro Sportster CS sports seats

BMW Mini Seats: The incredibly popular BMW Mini, modified for track use across the world. Grab some supportive seats today.

Classic Mini Seats: The ever popular classic mini has a range of Mamba, Corbeau, Cobra and Auto Style seats available

Caterham/Super 7 seats: The Cobra Roadster 7 also works very well with the Caterham and Super 7

Citroen C1 seats: As a small super mini we recommend a nice comfortable bucket seat like the Cobra Monaco Pro

Citroen C2 seats: Ready to track your Citroen C2? Install some bucket seats and away you go

Citroen Saxo seats: One of the most heavily modified cars ever, we have dozens of seat variations that fit in

Cobra seats: The Cobra works well with the Cobra Roadster SR and Roadster SS classic seats

Ferrari 360 seats: Cobra developed some frames and seats for the 360 that look to die for

Ford Fiesta seats: An affordable hot hatch that's great for fast road and track use, supportive seats are must!

Forumula 27 Blackbird seats: Another vehicle based on a similar chassis which can use the Cobra Roadster 7

Lotus 7 seats: Once again the Cobra Roadster 7 works very well with this Lotus 7 sports car

Lotus Elise S1 seats: Corbeau have created their range of LE seats including the LE-Driver and LE-X which fit perfectly into these Lotus sport cars

Lotus Elise S2 seats: Corbeau have created their range of LE seats including the LE-Driver and LE-X which fit perfectly into these Lotus sport cars

MG MGA seats: The Corbeau Sportsman Recliner and Sportsman Static provide additional heck and head support

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 seats: We recommend Buddy Club ligthweight P1 Limited Edition competition seats to increase your level of support.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 seats: We recommend Buddy Club ligthweight Racing Spec competition seats to increase your level of support.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 seats: We recommend Buddy Club ligthweight P1 Limited Edition competition seats to increase your level of support.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 seats: We recommend Buddy Club ligthweight Racing Spec competition seats to increase your level of support.

NG TF seats: The NG TF has a wide range of seats including the Cobra Cub, Classic, Classic CS and Corbeau Alpine and Classic

Nissan 350Z Bucket Seats: We recommend the Recaro Pole Position bucket seats which increase support and comfort whilst losing vehicle weight.

Nissan Skyline R32, R33 and R34 seats: We have recommendations and specialist side mounted bracket systems available for these seats

Panther Kallista seats: After installing the Corbaeu Sportsman recliner and static we know these seats fit well

Pigrium Sumo seats: The Cobra Roadaster PS is the perfect choice for your Pigrium Sumo

Peugeot 106 seats: Corbeau have the fantastic Corbeau Forza Sport FIA bucket seat which would provide great support for fast road use in this car.

Renault Clio seats: From the Mk1 to the Mk3, its a hugely popular car to modify and enjoy so supportive seats are must.

Seat Ibiza bucket seats: The Cobra Monaco is a great seat to increase your holding capability on track days,

Seat Leon sport seats: The Type RS6 is a great seat re-freshing the interior of your car with Audi RS style seats

Subaru Impreza seats: Simply a seriously fast car that needs seriously supportive upgraded seats. 

Toyota Supra seats: Konig K5000 seats are the perfect choice for a Toyota Supra owner providing support, comfort and style.

Triumph seats: Classic and historic seats, perfect to provide more support and a new lease of life for your car.

Vauxhall Astra H seats: A modern sports recliner like the Corbeau RS1 or Cobra Misano will work nicely.

VW Golf Mk2 seats: The Corbeau GTB reclining sport seat sits nicely with the cars original styling while improving comfort and support.

VW Golf Mk3 seats: The Sparco R100 reclining sport seat works perfectly in any make and model due to its slim design and sporty look.

VW Golf Mk4 seats: The Sparco R700P reclining sport seat are at the height of Sparco styling and comfort! Only the best for your Mk4.

VW Golf Mk5 seats: The Recaro Sporster CS reclining sport seat looks fantastic in any Mk5 due to its sporty styling and elegant curves.

VW Lupo seats: Modified by Fast Car magazine! We decided more seating options needed to be made available

Westfield seats: The Cobra Roadster 7 is the perfect seating choice for the Westfield

Kit car and classic car seats

Our easy to pick seats and frame options now made easier