Cobra Sebring Pro-Fit Bucket Seats

The Cobra Sebring PRO-FIT is available on-line and in-store. This seat is a world-class professional competition seat that has evolved from the original Sebring Pro to now be one of the safest and ergonomically correct seats available in the market. Utilising Cobra's proprietary closed moulding system, the Sebring Pro-Fit is incredibly rigid but is still the lightest seat in its class.
The shoulders and head restraint areas are engineered for the tallest of drivers (up to 195cms) whilst still retaining the correct geometry between shoulders, side head restraints and harness slots for full functioning of a HANS® device. The Pro-Fit range has Cobra's unique Spacer fabric which is FIA compliant and aids driver comfort and cooling. Like all Cobra competition seats, the Sebring Pro-Fit is available in standard and GT (+30mm) width to suit the widest range of drivers amongst seats in the marketplace today.
Designed by professional drivers for professional drivers, the Sebring Pro-Fit is now the ultimate in safety, comfort and control.
The Cobra Pro-Fit 2013 range come in the following variations:

Imola – Low sided thigh support and standard shoulder support
Suzuka – High sided thigh support and standard shoulder support
Evolution – High sided thigh support and integrated head restraint
Sebring – High sided thigh support with integrated full head restraint

The Cobra Sebring Pro-Fit 2013 bucket seats have interchangeable cushion sets which can be changed at any time after purchase:

Thigh supports can be selected in: Low / Standard / High
Base cushion can be selected in: Low / Standard / High
Back rest supports can be selected in: Low / Standard

These options can be selected within Cobra Sebring products option menus. Each seat is also available in either a standard or GT width depending on the shell size you require. 
These seats can be tried and tested in-store! Contact us to make an appointment today. Our full in-store Cobra Pro-Fit zone is now open.

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