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Roll Cages

Roll Cages

We have a huge range of motorsport and track day roll cages available, from Safety Devices, Sparco, OMP, Custom Cages and more! 
All roll cages are available for purchase in-store and online, so get in touch with us to discuss further. We can also offer an in-store fitting service for each bolt-in roll cage we have available. We can also provide very reasonable package prices if you require a full set up including the roll cage, harnesses, seats and fitting equipment. We recommend you contact us via the contact form so we can provide you with a personalised tailor-made quote. 
We are guessing you know what car you need the roll cage for! So to help you locate all the different roll cages we have available we thought it was best to lay them out by make and model. Click into the right make and model your after and all the different roll cages from each manufacturer will be listed out for quick and easy viewing. You can also choose to look at all the roll cages available from each manufacturer: Safety Devices, Sparco, OMP and Custom Cages.
Remember, a roll cage is a frame that has been specifically designed and created to protect the driver in a car from being injured in the event of an incident, especially if the car happens to roll over. So they are very important! Roll cages can be built into the car or they are sometimes built around the outside (known as an exo cage). They come in many different shapes and sizes as they are different depending on the motorsport for which they are being used. If you need any further advice please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0115 9893488 or via the contact form

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