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Luke Harnesses

Luke Harnesses

We supply the full range of Luke harnesses including the Luke G-max road harneses, Pro fast road harnesses, FIA Motorsport harneses and FIA HANS harnesses. The main harness range from Luke is split into specific types which are:

  • Lap belts - GM and Pro 
  • Caterham harnesses - Gmax and Pro 
  • Offroad harnesses - OR5/OR575 
  • Single Seater harnesses - B2006F 
  • Road harnesses - Gmax and Pro 
  • FIA harnesses - 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2006SS 
  • FIA HANS harnesses - B2004, B2005, B2006 and B2006SS 

Luke Racing was launched in 1975 with the aim being to produce safety harnesses for motorsport in the traditional way. Over 30 years later they are still doing it so they must be doing something right! The Luke range is very comprehensive. It covers all applications from club through to the full FIA homologated harnesses for International Motor Sport. The off road range is ideal for oval racing and grass track. They can also offer a full tailoring service and specials in limited runs.

  • All types of luke harnesses Carry an "in house" serial code Tag for production history trace.
  • FIA harnesses are fitted with homologation tags to each strap.
  • Fully adjustable Crutch straps via 3 bar slides. 75mm coated, spring loaded, anti-creep strap adjusters.
  • All Luke harnesses are sewn using the traditional straight stitch method.
  • All types fitted with snap hooks are supplied wtth eye bolts.
  • Lost motion or box fitted to Moustache crutch strap.
  • The famous luke "red" handle offers instant recognition for drivers and emergency crews.
  • 50mm coated, spring loaded, Anti creep strap adjusters (B series only)
  • Full width 75mm snap hooks. Double layer load spreader pads (B series only).
  • Moustache crutch strap tang offers the ultimate geometry and comfort.

Luke have also got a range of tow straps available which are made of the same ultra strong material as their harness belts and come in the same range of colours for those that want the essential piece of Motorsport kit! Never find your self on track without a tow strap fitted for just in-case! 

When your looking for hand crafted harnesses made and produced in the UK to the highest levels of standards then look no further. LUKE harness belts are the way to go when choosing the right safety devices for you and your co-driver!