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Kirkey Racing Seats

Kirkey Racing Seats

Kirkey Racing Fabrication Inc. has just entered it's 25th year of business within the motorsport industry, over the years it has become one of the biggest and most reliable seat manufacturers world wide. The quality and comfort of Kirkey seats have been proven on dirt and asphalt ovals, drag strips and road courses around the globe. 

From the amateur to the professional driver Kirkey Racing's dedication has been to offer a safe, lightweight, high quality seat that is affordable for everyone. They began with the low back standard aluminium seats then going on to design their full containment seats. Kirkey have always built all their seats and covers entirely in-house at their modern manufacturing facility with high quality workmanship, using only the finest quality materials available.

Their stylish covers are made using a die cut so that each individual one fits the way its intended to for the specific seat. Kirkey seats are designed and engineered with CAD-CAM and built using a CNC cutting machine, along with forming and welding, by using the latest technology this helps keep the cost down to a minimum, which in turn helps keep the cost down for the customers. 

We have the Kirkey Economy, Kirkey Lightweight and Sprint Deluxe models available in a range of different sizes from 15" through to 18" wide. Each Kirkey seat also has a different layback degree being either 10 degrees or 20 degrees. This information will be outlined in each product's description. If you need to sit in one to see how it feels then give us a call and as seen in the photo, you can visit us in-store to trial run your seat. 

Kirkey lightweight racing seats as found in-store