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Corbeau Sportline Reclining Sport Seats

Corbeau Sportline Reclining Sport Seats

Corbeau Sportline reclining sports seats are at the for front of design and style. With decades of experience Corbeau have been making the very best in road and race seats and In 2011 they launched their Sportline range boosting their latest concepts and fantastic high class feel. The entire Corbeau fast road style reclining sports seats have been extremely popular and we believe always will be with stunning designs like the Corbeau Sportline RRB and Sportline RRS.

Reclining seats all have fully built in reclining mechanisms to allow them to "tilt" backwards and forwards. They also have quick release leavers which allow them to drop forward. This is a vital feature for those using them in 3 door vehicles and require quick access to the back seats. 

Reclining seats were originally designed as upgrades in style, support and comfort to replace your OEM car seats. Once you have sat in a Corbeau sport seat, you will not want to sit back in your standard car seats. What is even better is we can have all theses adapted into office seats for those wanting something special to sit in when at the home or work office.

We also provide the full range of Corbeau specific car direct fit sub-frames which can be found available here. These will allow you to fit these Sportline racing seats into your vehicle with minimum effort.

Corbeau Sportline reclining sport seats fitted - RRS, RRB and RS1 racing seats

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