BS5 Reclining Seats Have Just Arrived!

Auto Style BS5 Reclining Seats Has Just Arrived!

At GSM Performance we have recently received a large delivery of Auto Style BS5 reclining sport seats available for immediate dispatch. 

The Auto Style Type BS5 is one of our highly recommended sport seats due to it’s style, design and flare. Auto Style show a little flare with this Type BS5 Reclining seat. With its black material and grey stitching this seat has a seriously classy look and the photos speak for themselves. Quality at a great price.

We’re extremely impressed with the look and value of this seat.
What do you think? 

  • Auto Style Type BS5 Reclining Seat

    £354.00Incl VAT£295.00Excl VAT

Our Top Auto Style Reclining Seats...

Other Auto Style reclining seats that you may also be interested in.

The reclining sport seat tries to capture the sporty design of the bucket seat but retaining the reclining and tilting function of a practical factory fitted car seat. These reclining seats provide the best of both worlds, additional support, and comfort with flexibility. They are the ultimate solution for those wanting to upgrade their road seats.

  • Auto Style Type JW Reclining Seat

    £279.72Incl VAT£233.10Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type MS Reclining Seat

    From £224.10
  • Auto Style Type LH Vinyl Reclining Seat

    £268.92Incl VAT£224.10Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type RK Reclining Seat

    From £245.00
  • Auto Style Type AK Reclining Seat

    From £275.00
  • Auto Style Type DS Reclining Seat

    £247.32Incl VAT£206.10Excl VAT

Our Top Auto Style Bucket Seat Recommendations...

The Auto Style bucket seat range have large leg and shoulder support design on most models to make sure that you are held and supported in place on hard cornering.

  • Auto Style Type K5 Bucket Seat

    From £148.50
  • Auto Style Type BS7 Bucket Seat

    £246.00Incl VAT£205.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS8 Bucket Seat

    £277.20Incl VAT£231.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS1 Bucket Seat

    £277.20Incl VAT£231.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type BS6 Bucket Seat

    £294.00Incl VAT£245.00Excl VAT
  • Auto Style Type K12 Wide Bucket Seat

    £189.00Incl VAT£157.50Excl VAT
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