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Game Racing Seats & Frames

Game Racing Seats & Frames

In this section all prices are for a gaming seat chair, rig/frame with no accessories. These are the basic items you require to start your gaming experience. Once you have selected what gaming seat you want its then time to look at accessories, steering wheels and pedal sets. Each frame and seat has a full detailed description of what is provided.

Brands: The major brands in this market are Exo, Gamepod, Openwheeler and Playseats. With years of developement and incredibly well designed rigid frames that offer a great seating position and gaming experience we think that these are the ultimate buy for any game racing enthusiast.

Why do we recommend the Exo One Pro racing simulator? These are kept in stock and can be delivered within 48 hours, these are built to the highest quality and provide an incredibly strong and stable platform for your gaming experience and are available at a breathtaking price.

The Exo One Pro MK2 now provides an even more compact and well designed frame along with a higher quality seat. The frame once again is made to take every twist and turn without compromise. We recommend giving them a look!

Game racing seats for the ultimate experience - Exo Play to win

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  • Exo One Pro Racing Simulator Seat
  • Exo One Pro Racing Simulator Seat

  • Information: Designed by racing drivers, the Exo One Pro Racing driving simulator brings you the latest in racing seat c…
  • £325.00£370.00


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